• Sustainable Development Goals

The entire Shinnihon Replus Group is cooperated to solve social issues and realize a sustainable society through the plastic recycling business. With achieving the SDGs for main goal, we will steadily accumulate actions what we can do. Furthermore, we believe that forming partnerships with more companies and working together will eventually become a great force to protect the earth.


Our group company carry SDGs of program

In the 17 SDGs, our group focus on the following themes that are closely related to our main domain, the plastic recycling business, and our various work environments. We will continue to actively work on this cooperation.

Promotion of women's active participation in all fields, including sales, factory work, driver positions, and management roles.
リプラス SDGs5

Energy saving through LED lighting in factories and installation of blinds in offices.
リプラス SDGs7

Enforcement of equal pay for equal work among staff of various nationalities, such as India, China, Taiwan.
リプラス SDGs10

3R activities in plastic recycling business (circular scheme).
リプラス SDGs12

Visualization of the company group's CO2 emissions for reducing GHG emissions.
リプラス SDGs13

Strengthening the "win-win-win" relationship with user companies and manufacturers in the circular scheme.
リプラス SDGs17

Our aim is visualizing and reducing GHG emissions in recycling business of the group wide, according to the Scope 1 and the Scope 2 calculation standards of the GHG Protocol in all SHINNIHON REPLUS value chain.