• Purchase of Waste Plastic

Companies face the challenge of disposing of unwanted plastic. "We want to dispose of pallets and cases, but it costs money." "Due to warehouse space constraints, we can't keep storing them." We aim to assist companies in cost reduction and business improvement by not just purchasing at a premium price but also supporting them. Additionally, to promote a circular economy and enhance corporate value, we purchase, crush, and wash waste plastics, returning them to the same products through recycling schemes. Chosen by over 2,000 companies, we collaborate to achieve cost reductions and environmental improvements.

Buying Items

Shinnihon Replus purchases and collects plastic pallets, plastic boxes, and foldable container used for transportation, logistics, and storage. To ensure that resources can be recycled according to type and color, we responsibly recycle all items and prevent the loss of resource value by not mixing various plastics together.