• Purchase of Waste Plastic

Businesses who wish to purchase recycling plastic are also facing the issue of disposal at the same time. "I want to dispose of pallets and cases, but it need to spend cost." "As warehouse space restraints, we can not continue keeping these pallets and cases in our warehouse."
SHINNIHON REPLUS want to help companies to solve them confuse which reduce cost or business improvement and become their cooperator. That is reason that we do not just buy, but "buying at premium price".
In order to let everyone, realize a cycle society and improve corporate value, we decide to purchase the waste plastics, crush and wash them, and return to same products by cycle scheme. We have been chosen by more than 2,000 business, we will cooperate to solve cost reductions and environmental improvements.

Buying Items

Shinnihon Replus purchases and collects plastic pallets, plastic boxes, and foldable container used for transportation, logistics, and storage. In order to resource can be recycled according to type and color, all of items we will responsibly recycle them to prevent the loss of resource value as mixing with plastic.